3 maja 2010

Polish Cuisine (The 3rd of May Constitution)


· Spare ribs
· Beetroots
· Butter beans
· Carrots
· Onions
· Celeriac
· Parsnip
· Leeks
· Bay leafs
· Allspice
· Sour cream
· Vinegar
· Black pepper
· Salt

First of all you must soak the beans in water for whole night before you cook it. Of course you can use the canned one.
To make the broth cook spare ribs in water for about 1 hour. Then add all peeled and washed veg and spices except beetroot and beans . They must be cooked separately.
Beetroots needs to be cooked for approximately 1,5 h until soft. Next you need to peel and shred them. You may use plastic gloves not to get stained.
Now put the beetroots and beans into our broth and let it simmer for some time.
Finally add few spoons of sour cream and spice it with salt, pepper and few drops of vinegar if the soup is too sweet for you.

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